Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy describes the types of personal data collected on this website, why it’s collected, and who collects it.

This privacy policy describes how we comply with General Data Protection Regulations in the European Union and other regulations designed to give internet users control over their personal data.

General Declaration

We collect and store only the amount of data necessary to provide you with a pleasant browsing experience, give you the ability to participate in discussions via post comments, and to allow you to join our community via Facebook, Twitter, and email communications.


Cookies are small text files placed on your computer or device that uniquely identify your browser or device. They make this site easier for you to use by remembering your preferences, and generally improving the browsing experience.

They help us provide you with the products and services you’ve requested, and by helping us track the visits to each page, and other data that helps us provide the content you want.

You can block some or all of the cookies used by this website if you wish, but it may cause the website to function poorly or not at all. Blocking cookies may also impair some third-party functions, such as your ability to sign up for newsletters or other email lists.


This website uses statistical tracking through WordPress and Jetpack. No personal data is collected. We don’t know who visited the website. We can tell how many people visited the website, and which pages they visited.

Data Storage

Certain personal data such as your name, email, and IP are stored when you use any of our contact forms.

The Right to be Forgotten

You have the option to unsubscribe from any list to which you’ve subscribed, and you may do so at will by clicking the update subscriber preferences at the bottom of each MailChimp email.

You may also unsubscribe by clicking the subsubscribe from this list link also at the bottom of every MailChimp email.

You may also request to be deleted from any or all lists of which you are a member. This can be accomplished either through MailChimp or by contacting us directly. If you contact me directly, make sure to include the email you wish to have deleted.

If you wish to have personal data removed from PayPal, you need to log into PayPal.

Social Media

We use Facebook, and Twitter to promote this website and our local events. You are not required to follow us on any of these services.


We reserve the right to update or change this privacy policy at any time. Whenever changes are made, you will be prompted to review and accept them the next time you visit the website.